Thirsty for a Relationship with God

Looking for Him in France

Meeting God on the Camino


Marianne, a medical student from a traditional Catholic background, actively sought help to renew her faith. In her first years of medical school, Marianne had set belief in God aside and embraced the typical student party life. But after meeting some Christians in England, she started to thirst for her own vibrant relationship with God.

So she opened up about belief in God to a classmate in France. This friend happened to know a little about Agapé France and, seeing that Marianne desired to grow closer to God, suggested that she contact the group. Following her friend’s advice, Marianne searched for the Agapé Campus Montpellier website and wrote an email that landed in the inbox of a staff member, Jeanette.

When Jeanette and Marianne met on campus, they went through the “Knowing God Personally” booklet together. 

At the end, Marianne expressed a desire to live a life forgiven and filled with Jesus. She then prayed and accepted Christ!

Jeanette and Marianne met for follow-up Bible studies to help Marianne grow in her new relationship with God. Marianne has even begun sharing her faith with classmates!


Dinah was born into a Christian family and met the Lord at the age of 14. During the pandemic she felt a need to meet with other Christians and deepen her life with Christ.

So in early 2021 Dinah contacted Agapé Campus Rennes. Together with an Agapé staff member, Dinah went through a series of Bible studies on the basics of the Christian life. During the series her curiosity and desire to follow God’s will were evident. Her questions and her life testimony showed her walk with the Lord and that He was working in her.

Agapé staff members encouraged Dinah to participate in Agapé’s “Camino” project, a unique summer mission on the French part of the Way of Saint James of Compostela. Dinah went and returned even more strengthened in her faith.

Throughout the hike, we felt God’s presence through what we were learning from the Bible and each other’s testimonies, which sometimes lined up so well with the topic we were discussing that day. As the days went by, we got to know each other and opened up to each other about our journey with Christ or simply about our daily life.

As soon as she got back, Dinah wanted to return to Santiago de Compostela and experience this aspect of Christian community again. She wanted to meet even more hikers and tell them about the goodness of Christ.

As the 2022 academic year began it seemed “logical” to Dinah, in light of her journey with God, to become a student leader with Agape. As she takes on roles and responsibilities, we see her blossoming. She is also taking more steps of faith, such as coming to campus to do evangelism and leading Agape events. God is blessing the ministry through Dinah and we thank Him for it.




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