Creating the Right Environment

Bringing the Gospel to Medical Students in Armenia

How can I reach my friends?

Today I want to share my journey about the wonderful people who serve in the Armenian team. Everything started when I attended a student event organized by the Armenian Ministry. When I first went there I had no idea they were spiritual people. When they asked me what my favorite pastime was, I honestly answered that I like to read the Bible.

When I met Sofi, who was in charge of the event, I told her I was a medical student and had deep concerns about bringing the gospel to my groupmates. 

 I felt it so necessary for the doctors-to-be to know Jesus personally.

And I needed a proper environment and help to be able to share about God’s love and His Son’s sacrifice.

I believe it was by God’s grace that I met these wonderful people from the Student Ministry who helped me to organize a medical conference. I invited all my groupmates. And the special guest was a Christian doctor who shared his professional experience as well as his personal testimony. This conference served as a great start, and now my groupmates feel free to come up to me and ask different questions. I am more than happy to speak about Jesus and pray for them.

Now I am praying that we have a Bible study group with my groupmates. And for my supporters in the Armenian Cru team. May all our efforts praise Jesus!