A Life Changed

Reaching Out to a Stranger in Slovakia

Heart to Heart

In early summer 2022, Miriam* left a message on one of our websites: “Please help me, I can’t go on anymore, I’m in the depths of sadness, not wanting to live any longer.”

Katka, an Agapé Slovakia staff member, replied to Miriam and found out that Miriam’s partner had recently died. Katka started writing to her and later invited Miriam to join an evangelistic online course called “Why Jesus?” They spent two months discussing Christianity and Miriam’s questions as she went through her grieving process. It was during this time that Miriam surrendered her life to God.

After the course, Miriam wrote in the evaluation: “The course was a stepping stone for me on my journey of growing closer to God. I learned how to accept Jesus into my life. What I liked most was that my e-coach, Katka, was genuinely interested in me and it wasn’t just about the course. We could talk about the topics in depth and it was more or less up to me what issues I wanted to address. Thank you.”

After the course, the two women kept exchanging emails and then Katka suggested meeting in person. She traveled to Miriam’s town and when they met they both felt a little unsure at first. But they soon picked up where their online communication had left off and it turned into a natural face-to-face dialogue.

Ever since giving her life to Jesus, Miriam’s conversations with Katka have gone even deeper. One issue she is facing now is the leading of the Holy Spirit.

She recently wrote to Katka: “You asked how the Holy Spirit helps me. He has helped me turn in the right direction, shown me the right path. At first I was angry with God, so angry that I was convinced He didn’t exist. Maybe it was the Spirit who helped me turn away from this conviction… I don’t even know how I found your website when I wrote that first message…

Normally I don’t write to strangers. I didn’t expect anyone to write back, but I am so glad it happened!

We are so grateful to God for bringing Miriam to our website and letting her know how much He cares about her. Our hope now is to help Miriam find a church family close to her home.

*Name changed for privacy.

Written by Kathy, an Agapé Slovakia staff member




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