A Devastated and Godless Life

New Life at Refugee Centre in Moldova

Valentina’s story

A home church has been meeting since spring 2022 at a refugee centre in Chișinău run by Cru Moldova (Agape in Moldova). On Sundays the residents at the centre have the opportunity to join a special church service. This time of prayer, worship and Bible study also allows them to taste the fellowship of a Christian community.

Valentina is a Ukrainian lady who came to Moldova with her mother and son and joined this community. Here is her testimony in a note she wrote to Vitali Cosiriov and his wife Tatiana, Cru Moldova staff members who lead the home church.

I didn’t want to go through Moldova. I had a different plan, what I considered a “better” plan. But it turned out that I ended up with you [at the Cru refugee centre].

I used to attend church many years ago, but because of unanswered prayers I became disillusioned with God. I stopped going to church and gradually walked away from God. I met a man and intertwined my life with his. He was an unbeliever and over time I completely forgot about God. All that to say, when I arrived [at the Cru refugee centre] my life was completely devastated and godless.

Vitalie, when you preached, I was touched by God’s Word and by your prayer for all of us. Then I remembered again the joy of communion with God and decided to return to Him. Thank you for the work you are doing — it revives our souls.

Throughout the time that Valentina was in Moldova, she regularly attended the home church at the Cru refugee centre. Now she is in Norway, looking for a Russian-speaking church. Until she finds one there she is continuing to attend the refugee centre’s church services online.




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