From Violence and Alcohol Abuse

To Acceptance and Affection in Romania

“Now I have a strong desire to tell other students about the real and living God.”

Aura grew up in a home empty of affection and filled with her father’s violence and abuse of alcohol. This experience deeply affected her view of God.

“I knew I was yearning for acceptance and affection by the time I arrived at university. But I regarded God as only an impersonal and detached authority because I wondered why, if God existed, He would tolerate the suffering and injustice in my family’s difficult situation.”

A fellow student invited Aura to an English club hosted by Choose Life (as Agape is known in Romania) with native speakers from the U.S. She went and “the friendliness of the people and their genuine concern and affection” caught her attention. At first Aura could not believe their care for her was real.

The goal of the English club was to help students develop English skills via discussion and the study of vocabulary and idioms. But Aura was astonished that they practiced English using parables from the Bible. This changed her perspective on God and piqued her interest in learning more about Jesus.

Looking back, Aura recognizes two people especially that God used to make an impact on her at the English club

Maggie and Bert helped me realize why they were so compassionate. It was because of Jesus.

From there, God used many people to help Aura grow in faith, especially one married couple serving with Choose Life.

“Carmen and Mircea put a lot of trust in me, thus I gradually chose to follow God. Carmen was always available to me, and we met whenever I had questions, as well as for Bible study. They became my mentors and taught me so many things about the love of God, what real faith is, discipleship, and much more.”

Later Aura became a volunteer with Choose Life. She’s now an intern with, in her words, “a strong desire to tell other students about the real and living God.”

And it’s not only students Aura is talking to about Christ. When Aura discovered Jesus’ love and forgiveness of sin, she was driven to tell her family about it, including her alcoholic and violent father.

“My family told me that there was something unusual about me but that they were not opposed to it. It’s really fascinating because, after me, my mother and sister gradually returned to God, followed by my brother, who has problems and is still seeking answers. My father began to have questions and even came to church. I sense a slight difference in him, but I realize how tough it is to fight alcohol addiction.”

God has changed Aura’s life, and she’s busy spreading His good news of acceptance and affection to university students. As she does, she prays, knowing that the God who loves her also loves her father and wants to set him free from sin and addiction.




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