Wounded and Wary

Finding Community in Spain

No longer alone

Sofia's story

Sofia grew up in a Christian home, and at the university she became heavily involved in Q (as Agape is known in Spain). Yet Sofia didn’t consider herself a Christian. As with many, the Church and life had left their wounds. She was wary of Christians and Christianity.

A friend brought Sofia to her first Q film night, and little by little Sofia began to get involved in a variety of Q activities in Madrid. She felt valued. She had found a community where she could be honest about where she was at spiritually and not be rejected or pressured to change. She began to consider Christ with new eyes.

After two years, Sofia decided she needed to either completely leave her faith behind or actively follow Jesus. She took steps away from God, yet God showed Himself to be faithful and near. In the end, Sofia experienced new life in Christ and got baptized. She now helps lead Q Madrid. She also leads Q Creative, a community that talks about life as they create and observe art.

Paula's story

Paula grew up in a typical Spanish family; her mom was culturally Catholic and her dad agnostic. Amidst the pandemic, Paula inexplicably wanted to know more about Christianity. So she began to research and read the Bible. In the process, Paula came to faith in Jesus. As she did, her dad started on a similar journey, and later her mom and sister also began to consider Christ.

After coming to faith, Paula sought out a community where she could grow spiritually in fellowship with other followers of Christ. Reflecting back, she shares:

When I came to know Jesus, I didn’t know any other believers. I felt as if I was the only young person who followed Jesus.

So Paula and her dad began attending church. There Paula got baptized, began to help with the children’s ministry, and met people involved in Q’s student ministry. Soon after, Paula got involved in Q at her university.

Paula, who studies early childhood education, greatly desires that her classmates and those around her would come to know Jesus personally. To this end, she leads a Bible study (BibliQ) at her university with another student, Andrea.

Paula shares, “I’m very thankful for Q. I love to walk through life and my faith together with other students at various points of their faith. The unconditional love and support of [the Q] community have lifted me up in difficult moments of my faith in the university and in my family.

“Q Madrid is a space in which I experience the unconditional love of God. Seeing God’s faithfulness and goodness at work in the lives of others reminds me that He is also at work in my own life. This gives me strength to share the gospel with others and to share what Jesus is doing in my life.”




Agape Spain

“Seeing each person in Spain transformed by the unconditional love of God.”

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