Slow but Steady

On Campus in the Czech Republic

Searching for God no longer!

Hi, my name is Karly, and I’m an Agape staff member.

Student ministry in the Czech Republic takes time. Introducing a student to spiritual things for the first time can be the start of a long journey. But with Sofi, a high school student here in Prague, I could sense from the beginning that God was already at work in her life.

The first time we met in person, Sofi asked question after question and shared the experiences she’d been having of trying to read the Bible and pray. She seemed to be genuinely searching for God. I was blown away by the work the Holy Spirit was clearly doing in her heart and mind.

Sofi and I jumped headfirst into conversation about starting a relationship with Jesus and all that the gospel offers us in Christ. To my surprise, she enthusiastically agreed to meet weekly to study the Bible. She also attended the local church with me, exclaiming that it seems like a miracle “this” exists in her native language and thanking me for introducing her to other Czech Christians.

Over time, Sofi continued to meet with me, sought out the testimony of others, attended church and regularly read her Bible. In the end, she exclaimed that she was eager to have the same relationship with Jesus in her life.

I talked through what it means to walk with God and she joyfully asked, “Who wouldn’t want this?”

It was clear that God had worked in her heart and she was confident with the decision as she gave her life to Him.

Now, every Tuesday as I walk into the cafe to meet Sofi before her school day begins I’m reminded of all the reasons why I love my ministry. I love watching her face light up and how she wants to apply the Bible to her life. The fact that she doesn’t hesitate to ask any and all questions about the Bible passage we’re reading fills me with joy!

Some of the sweetest words I’ve ever received are when Sofi told me how much our relationship means to her. She said that she feels safe with me and knows that the things I’m teaching her and guiding her in are changing her life forever. Personally, I feel like all I’m doing is showing up and letting God work!

It’s been a privilege to see Sofi step from doubt to a faith in Christ that impacts her daily life. She’s even begun sharing her faith with friends and family. And it’s been a joy to watch her continue to get to know Him and live in ways that bring Him glory.

Written by Karly Petrella, Agape Staff Member




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