Social Media Leads to Jesus

Short films change hearts in Armenia

Jesus can provide a way out of any situation you find yourself in

Hi, my name is Ruzanna, and I serve on the Agape Digital Strategies team in Armenia. I want to tell you how God worked in the life of Sirun, a woman in my country.

My colleagues and I ran a Facebook ad campaign that gave people the chance to watch a short film and discuss it with us. Sinun saw our ad, watched the film, and wrote to us via Facebook Messenger. The short film, which is about family ties, had obviously struck a chord in her heart.

Sirun had big problems in her family. Her mother was seriously sick. But Sirun’s husband did not allow her to go take care of her mother. In his opinion, her only focus should be caring for their four children.

After a few more conversations with Sirun I felt God leading me to send her another short film. This new film is about the relationship between a father and his son. After watching it, Sirun wrote and told me that she was crying and that she did not know how to cope with such a hard life. She is the only daughter of her mother, and the film felt very similar to her situation. She was very depressed and even thought of divorcing her husband.

I asked Sirun for her phone number and our conversations moved from messaging to a phone call. The situation seemed hopeless to her. 

During that conversation, I said that Jesus always has a way out from any situation and I offered to pray for her, which she accepted.

It is amazing how the Lord began to meet her needs. We found followers of Christ in the city where Sirun lives. They visited her mother, looked after her and gave her a Bible. And, praise God, as I continued to communicate with Sirun, she accepted the Lord!

Then we started praying together for her mother and husband. Some time later, her husband changed his mind about her mother. He told Sirun she could go take care of her or even bring her back to live with them.

Jesus can provide a way out of any situation you find yourself in. He changes peoples’ hearts by filling them with His mercy, and he loves to answer our prayers.