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Address: Rruga Themistokli Gërmenji,
Nr 6 Tiranë, Albania

The Ministry in Albania, known as “New Life Institute”, is well established since 1992. Today there are over 100 staff serving in 11 field ministry teams, in 5 major cities. SLM remains the backbone of the ministry, active in all major universities in country. SHINE and ISP (international school project) have penetrated schools in more than 20 cities, in partnership with the local churches, giving them vision, training and resources to build movements with highschoolers & teachers. Young Professionals follow the fruit of SLM, and build movements that reach out to plant Campus Churches, employing GCM strategies. Leader Impact has built a good network of business and government leaders through regular seminars and conferences of both tracks, professional and spiritual. VDS works in synergy with all of the above strategies pursuing innovation and scope, while maintaining the brand. AIA was launched a year ago with a great focus on church partnerships, and on existing connections with some key leaders in the sphere of sports. GAIN-Albania, which is fruit of GAIN-Switzerland, has added a new dimension to our ministry, that of social help, which God he’s used tremendously to open big doors for the gospel. ILF and FAMILY LIFE are also active strategies with great potential toward movement building. There is a strong partnership with around 15 different churches from USA through ENGLISH & YOUTH CAMPS during the summer, and through a number of seminars & workshops the rest of the year. There is also a strong partnership with Swiss Campus for Christus with their Effective Study Seminar, German Language camps, Shine, the Four, and Gain. Global Leadership Partners are a steady partner committed to help the ministry in the evangelistic efforts with their leadership seminars. There is a priority on building a culture of sending to Albanian Diaspora and to Muslim countries for short term projects. There is a strong commitment to initiative evangelism and connecting people with a local church. Our vision is Movements everywhere with highschoolers, college students, teachers, young professionals, business & government leaders across country, in the context of church partnership and church planting.

National Leader: Arbër Berhami



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