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Address: Rruga Themistokli Gërmenji,
Nr 6 Tiranë, Albania

The Ministry in Albania, known as “New Life Institute”, is well established since 1992. Today there are over 100 staff serving in 11 field ministry teams, in 5 major cities. SLM remains the backbone of the ministry, active in all major universities in country. SHINE and ISP (international school project) have penetrated schools in more than 20 cities, in partnership with the local churches, giving them vision, training and resources to build movements with highschoolers & teachers. Young Professionals follow the fruit of SLM, and build movements that reach out to plant Campus Churches, employing GCM strategies. Leader Impact has built a good network of business and government leaders through regular seminars and conferences of both tracks, professional and spiritual. VDS works in synergy with all of the above strategies pursuing innovation and scope, while maintaining the brand. AIA was launched a year ago with a great focus on church partnerships, and on existing connections with some key leaders in the sphere of sports. GAIN-Albania, which is fruit of GAIN-Switzerland, has added a new dimension to our ministry, that of social help, which God he’s used tremendously to open big doors for the gospel. ILF and FAMILY LIFE are also active strategies with great potential toward movement building. There is a strong partnership with around 15 different churches from USA through ENGLISH & YOUTH CAMPS during the summer, and through a number of seminars & workshops the rest of the year. There is also a strong partnership with Swiss Campus for Christus with their Effective Study Seminar, German Language camps, Shine, the Four, and Gain. Global Leadership Partners are a steady partner committed to help the ministry in the evangelistic efforts with their leadership seminars. There is a priority on building a culture of sending to Albanian Diaspora and to Muslim countries for short term projects. There is a strong commitment to initiative evangelism and connecting people with a local church. Our vision is Movements everywhere with highschoolers, college students, teachers, young professionals, business & government leaders across country, in the context of church partnership and church planting.

National Leader: Arbër Berhami



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in Europe and Beyond

Our vision is for Jesus to be known so lives are changed and Europe is transformed. As is true with any ministry or company, it takes a group of people working behind the scenes to help accomplish the mission.

However God has designed you, we hope you will consider how you can be involved in the Kingdom.
You can help more people to be reached for Christ.

God is at work around the world and it’s an honour to see the amazing things God is doing in Europe. We are looking for staff members, local churches and volunteers who want to be part of reaching their countries. Join us as we make Jesus known together.

Has God given you a vision and calling to help people encounter His love? Like many other Christian charities, Agape staff members raise funds to cover their own salary and expenses. With plenty of training and help, staff members develop a team of people who regularly pray for them, encourage them, and give financially towards their work.

Field missions


Spend a year learning how to share Jesus in a specific context. If you have a heart for God and for people, you’ll be able to live this out as part of a local team.

Staff Member

Be involved in helping youth, university students or families discover Jesus. Your focus may be on a particular community or reaching the whole city, but it’s key that you love Jesus and love people. You’ll be involved in taking the initiative in sharing the gospel, creatively pioneering and helping others grow in their relationship with God.


Operations Director

Oversee processes including IT, Finances and Communications with a small team to help things run as they should. If you’re a jack-of-all-trades, this could be a role for you.

Personal Assistant

Assist a National Director to ensure the smooth running of his or her role. Your attention to detail and organization skills will assist the Director by managing and supporting their output.

HR Assistant

Our Human Resources (HR) team is looking for an enthusiastic assistant who will be responsible for supporting our HR leaders in maintaining databases, overseeing staff member care and piloting projects involving human resources.


Do you love numbers? Do you have an eye for detail? Do you love to serve behind the scenes? Our national ministries are looking for qualified individuals with skills in accounting and finance. Invest your skills in finance or accounting.

Communication & Digital Strategies

User Experience (UX) Specialist

Help improve the experience of people visiting our websites so that they can more easily connect to Jesus and/or to opportunities to serve in their location.

Web Developer

Invest your skills to work in both back-end and front-end development, including creating WordPress themes and plugins.

Marketing Specialist

Help us communicate with various audiences, including donors, potential volunteers and other partner organizations. Your marketing know-how can help one of our ministries gain traction.

Analytics Specialist

If you have a knack for Google analytics and statistics, you can make a significant contribution to the Kingdom by increasing the visibility of our online properties. Your knowledge can help our countries use the free Google Ad spending we receive as a non-profit organization so that more people can encounter God’s love.

Marketing Growth Hacker

Are you someone who loves to help products and content reach their fullest potential? Your role makes an impact by establishing and growing audience journeys across all digital channels.

Design & Storytelling

Graphic Designer

By using your skills as a graphic designer, you will have opportunities to help people know God by developing creative concepts, designing materials that will be used by ministry teams and helping bring excellence to our printed and digital media. If bad design hurts your eyes, this could be just the role for you.

Photographer (Project-basis)

Do you have serious photography skills? Do you love capturing a moment from behind the camera? Do you already carry your camera everywhere you go? We are seeking professional-level photographers to capture what God is doing.

Videographer / Editor / Production Assistant

Is film your true passion? Film is a powerful way to communicate about God and about things that truly matter. Films can spark conversations and inspire transformation. If you have skills in filming and editing, join our team to tell Kingdom stories and see your name in the credits of something extraordinary.

Communications Specialist / Writer

Writing is an art. Use your passion for writing to help a local or national ministry hone their message and connect with key audiences. Our ministry is about changed lives. Telling these stories can get more people connected to what God is doing.

Web Content Strategist / Content Creator

If you love creating high-quality and engaging web and social media content and driving user engagement, we want you on our team! Help develop and implement our overall website and social media content strategy based on our goals and objectives.

Online Community Engagement

Social Media Manager

Create content, build audience engagement and leverage social media for the Kingdom. In today’s social media world, people long for authenticity and meaning in online spaces. Connect with people using your skills through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. #yesplease

Social Media Trainer

Train and develop staff members to more strategically use social media tools to advance their goals. Advise, coach and train staff members to maximize their use of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Help influencers do more with their platform than get likes.


Do you love helping people find their niche? Is that your niche? Leverage opportunities online (LinkedIn, etc.) and in person (conferences, job fairs, etc.) to help people find their best fit within our organization and other ministries across the globe.


Interpreter & Translator

¡Hola! Bonjour! Γεια! Are you fluent in multiple languages? Your skills could help us connect with people in their heart languages by translating written content and working with national staff members. Current priority languages include: Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Latvian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Greek, Estonian, Arabic, Farsi, Finnish and French. Requires at least C1 fluency in English.

Develop your character

Whichever role you choose to apply for, you will also have a variety of responsibilities that allow you to deepen your walk with God and your connection with others. You will pray with other staff members and volunteers, participate in city-wide outreaches, attend the National staff conference.

In addition, you will focus on building and cultivating a network of ministry partners. We are a nonprofit organization and have no central funds. Staff members, including our national directors, raise support to cover salaries, benefits and expenses. Then each staff member has a team of partners who pray for him or her.

Many of these roles can be combined with time spent helping university students come to know Jesus as part of a local Student-Led Movements team.

Make an eternal impact

Join our team and help make the love of God known among the nations, by developing tools and facilitating the work of our staff members and volunteers.

We are looking for men and women with a heart for the mission, passion for other people and a willingness to serve God with their unique gifts.

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Instituti Jeta e Re

“Movements everywhere”

Address: Rruga Themistokli Gërmenji,
Nr 6 Tiranë, Albania