Being a Light on Campus

EuroSTINT Northern Lights Shine Brightly

EuroSTINT project

Christian students in Northern Europe say it is time to come out of hiding. They live in a dark part of the world, especially during these winter months. The spiritual darkness is even greater. When they step out in faith to shine as lights among students, they see that the spiritual need is great but that God is at work. We are thankful for being able to be part of what God is doing there!

In 2016 the third EuroSTINT project took a devoted team during 9 months to Iceland, Norway and Denmark with the goal of Making Jesus known and inspiring spiritual multiplication on campuses!

Joëlle Siedel, a EuroSTINT team leader from France, shares her experience:

“Iceland was our first country to visit, so we discovered a lot! We went almost every day on campuses to initiate spiritual conversations with students. We were looking for Christians to share about our vision to make Jesus known on their campus and challenge them to get engaged in leading a movement of multiplying disciples!

And God provided! Erika (second from the right, on the photo on the right) is an Icelandic student originally from the States and she said yes! This is a step of faith for her but she is really motivated by this vision. Erika is now in contact with a coach who supports her and trains her.”

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” He also says to His followers,“You are the light of the world.” These students are following Jesus as living testimonies to those on campus who do not yet have the Light.

EuroSTINT Coach Becky Arvan shares a students’ testimony from Oslo:

“Hanna Marie, a freshman at University of Oslo, felt a “knife cut through her heart” last week during a conversation with an agnostic student. She boldly came with us to do outreach on campus. It was her first experience doing evangelism and she met a student from Iran who was against religion. “My experience with religion is one of fear. It is a tool for oppression.” As we shared about the God of the Bible, this Muslim student was stunned. She had never heard the beauty of the Christian worldview. And she wanted to know more. At the end of the conversation she remarked, “Are there really religious people in Norway? Because I have never seen any of them.” This question cut to Hanna Marie’s heart and she was convicted that Christian students need to be more visible at the university.”

Hanna Marie is one of many students who want to be a light for Jesus. Would you want to be part of what God is doing in Northern-Europe? Check out the Facebook page for more information.

God got us on a local TV!

In Norway a member of the Euro Stint group started to talk to the people on the street who were singing worship songs. While doing so they were invited to participate at a local television programme. The Euro Stint group members were able to share their testimony, talk about their mission and reason for being in Norway. Through the TV-screen they were able to invite young Christians to join in and start a movement on their campuses. God is looking after more details than we might think…!

Watch other participants share about this exiting mission and how God has been and is preparing the divine meetings for various EuroSTINT teams already!